2021 Grant Guidelines

Susquehanna River

Please review as our Guidelines have changed.

The Floyd Hooker Foundation [FHF] is a trust established by Floyd “Vic” Hooker in his will to benefit the children in Tioga County. Once a year, the Floyd Hooker Foundation accepts grant applications to qualified tax-exempt organizations to fund projects which benefit the children in Tioga County. Grants may be made to fund operational (limited funding), equipment, capital and special project needs.

Our grant application period for 2021 will be from April 1 to April 15.  As always, please read the grant guidelines carefully as changes are made yearly depending upon available funds and needs.  Once all applications were received, the applications were then ranked according to the needs of the community being met, the benefits conferred on the children of Tioga County and the amount requested.  Depending upon the monies available to grant, awards were then made, some in whole, others in part.  Should you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@hookerfoundation.org. 

Preference will be given to projects which fulfill needs that are not currently being met in the community, which if met, would provide a resulting and continual benefit to the children of Tioga County.  Applicants should place special emphasis in the application as to the nature of the need to be met and the expected, continuing beneficial impact or result to be accomplished. Emphasis is also placed on organizations with clear goals and objectives that demonstrate results with measurable outcomes.  For capital projects in excess of $25,000, the Foundation prefers to fund no more than 80% of the total capital project cost.  Applicants are required to identify sources to fund the remaining capital project cost, including use of the applicant's own funds.  If the applicant is unable to fund at least 20% from outside and/or own sources, it must identify why is is unable to do so.  Failure to provide at least 20% other funding will not disqualify the application from consideration provided the project meets all other requirements.  All capital and equipment projects in excess of $10,000 will require the applicant to obtain three bids.  If the capital or equipment purchase in excess of $10,000 is to be sole sourced, the applicant must identify the reason for the sole source.

Any applicant who has received Foundation grants two years in a row for a similar type project will be ineligible for consideration in the third year for that project. For example, if a grantee was awarded a grant to fund a summer camp program in two consecutive years, any application by that grantee for the same summer camp program will not be eligible for consideration in the third year.

The Floyd Hooker Foundation can only grant funds to tax-exempt organizations serving the children who live in Tioga County, New York, and it cannot make grants to individuals for any reason or to churches for religious purposes. Only one grant may be awarded to the same organization for the same purpose during the same “funding year”. The Foundation “funding year” is from May 1 through April 30. Any recipient that has received previous grants from the Floyd Hooker Foundation and has not submitted the final report for that previous grant will not be considered for additional grant funding until the final report has been submitted and approved.

All grant applications must be submitted electronically via the hookerfoundation.org website. All applications must complete and submit the "Project Budget" outlining all funding sources for the project along with a detailed list of the expenditures for the project.

The following attachments must be provided with the application:

  • IRS Tax exempt letter (only IRS letter is acceptable, not NYS letter)
  • Current balance sheet for your organization (not more than 90 days old)
  • Additional descriptions/narratives if space is not sufficient
  • Estimates for work to completed/equipment purchases
  • Minutes from board meeting authorizing submission of the application to Floyd Hooker Foundation.

When the application deadline has passed, the Foundation will review all complete applications and rank them according to the needs met and the benefits conferred on the children of Tioga County. Any incomplete applications may be disregarded in the sole discretion of the Foundation. Interviews of the applicant and/or inspections of affected premises may be required. Applicants shall make themselves and any premises available, if necessary. Applications may be granted in part or in whole based upon many factors, including the amount of funding available, the number of applications received, and the needs met by the project. All grants are subject to the sole discretion of the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to reject any and all applications for whatever reason(s). If you are having problems with the online application, please email us at info@hookerfoundation.org.

Successful applicants will be notified by email and provided with a grant agreement which must be signed electronically through this website prior to any disbursement of funds.  Applicants who will not be funded will also be notified by email stating the reasons for the denial.  In most years, the total amount of grant monies requested far exceeds the available monies.  Some applicants may be required to accept lesser amounts so that more applicants can be funded.

Thank you for considering the Floyd Hooker Foundation.

I have read and understood the Grant Guidelines above and by submitting my application I agree to the Guidelines

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