Special Projects Guidelines

A Qualified Organization may make an application under this section for special projects which benefit the children of Tioga County.  These grants include capital requests, equipment purchase requests or grants to fund a consultant or employee.  All requests must demonstrate how the funding will fulfill a particular unmet need in the community which would benefit the children of Tioga County.  These applications may be made at any time.  All projects will require a detailed account of the amount of funds the applicant is injecting into the project and a list of all other sources of funds whether secured or pending application.

Capital Requests are for projects in excess of $25,000 to purchase or construct a new facility or renovate and/or add to a current facility.  Application guidelines are as follows:

  • FHF prefers not to sole source fund any capital project.
  • Capital grants will not exceed three-year payment schedules.
  • Funds will not be released until all permits are secured for the construction.

Equipment Requests are limited to equipment purchases in excess of $25,000.  Equipment must have an expected useful life of at least ten years.  Three bids are required for each piece of equipment.

Other Special Projects include those projects which exceed $25,000 and are not capital or equipment requests.  These would include requests to fund a particular position in the applicant’s organization or to fund a particular program.

Prior to any application being submitted, the applicant must contact FHF in advance to summarize the project and to obtain insight on the types of information which might be helpful to the applicant and FHF.  The goal is for all qualified projects to succeed.  Early involvement by FHF in the project has proved successful in the past.  Please email info@hookerfoundation.org to begin that process.

All projects will be reviewed based upon the following criteria:

  • A clear and concise description of the unmet need being fulfilled in the community which benefits the children of Tioga County.
  • The number of children being benefitted by the request.
  • Sustainability of the project going forward.
  • Whether the project is broad based or limited in scope

The following attachments must be uploaded with the submitted application:

  • IRS 501 (c)(3) Tax-Exempt letter if applicable
  • Current balance sheet for the organization, not more than 90 days old
  • Any estimates, invoices or quotes
  • Any additional information/narratives which will help FHF in its review of your application